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Our Solution for Microfinance & NBFCs

Beacon is a decade old, time-tested loan portfolio management solution that has helped several financial institutions manage their lending process seamlessly. When the primary business is lending, whether it be an MFI or an NBFC, Beacon meticulously helps manage the business right from the day to day operational aspects of a lending process to aiding strategic directions like demand forecasting and supply planning.

Core Modules
  • Individual Lending
  • Group Lending
  • Savings & Deposits
  • Tab based Member Sourcing
  • Field Survey & Audit
  • Aadhar e-KYC Integrated
  • Collection by Cards
  • Bank disbursement
  • Mobile Collection
  • Credit Bureau Integration
  • Fund Raising & Repayment
  • Real time Google Map Tracking
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • Securitization & BC Model
  • Asset Register
  • Email & SMS Integration


Unified Social Selling on Cloud and Mobile

SMCNex is an unified selling platform that helps you save time and money by unifying the selling process across various channels and improving the customer experience. It improves the bottom-line by accelerating the sales, targeting audience beyond boundaries and helps retailers maximize their operating cost efficiency.

Platform Highlights
  • Unified solution to sell your products in an innovative way
  • Cloud & mobile enabled solution with low TCO
  • Upload products in one place and sell it anywhere anytime
  • Effective order management to reap maximum benefits
  • Powerful cross-sell and up-sell capabilities
  • Centralized Inventory Management Process
  • Easy Catalogue Administration at Head Office & Microsites


Predefined Dashboard for Manufacturing & Microfinance

AppyDA is a responsive, interactive and intuitive BI platform that delivers predefined dashboards to help the business slice & dice data from across the organization and take informed decisions. It combines multiple views of data to eliminate data complexities and give valuable insights to the end-user. AppyDA automatically and securely connects to the firm’s data in real-time, so that all data displayed on the dashboard is current.

Platform Highlights
  • AppyDA includes different types of visualizations so you can choose a visualization that will have the maximum impact on your dashboard.
  • Clean responsive dashboards make monitoring business performance pleasurable on any device.
  • No crazy backgrounds and spinning animations - just clean, coordinated, effective presentation techniques
  • Generate reports in a flash - Any dashboard can be downloaded as an image or as a PDF.
  • Create real-time dashboards for any business functions.

Our Uniqueness

Here's what we understood why our customer stayed with us for a long time...that defined us eventually

Big Picture

We work with you by looking at “YOUR BIG PICTURE” the same way you do

Tailored Service

We believe “NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL”, our services are always tailored and personalized



"WHAT WE SAY IS REALLY WHAT WE DO”, we ensure and expect transparency

Client Referral

OUR CLIENTS ARE OUR BRAND AMBASSADORS. we mostly work on referrals.










  • novatium


    “Paripoorna delivered a CRM Portal for Novatium and thats when I had chance to meet and work with Sathish and Sriman. Young, energetic and a positive attitude that keeps up the engagement live and racy. They did a splendid job in understanding the intricate integration aspects of the customer portal and delivered it on time. Feedback was taken seriously and the turnaround was quick and to the dot. Have known them for a while now and very pleasant and lovely team to work with. Wishing them all the very best.”

  • auraas


    “Our work with Sriman and Sathish at Paripoorna Software Solutions, Chennai was aimed at creating a fashion e-commerce website within a short span of time, at moderate prices. We were thrilled when they delivered the results as they had promised. At a time when I was learning the ropes of technology, Sathish detailed the options available in creating e-commerce platforms, which helped me make my decision. They are absolute professionals as they patiently handled even some of my impatient moments! What I appreciate the most about working with Sriman, Sathish and their team was their ability to seamlessly deliver, cutting through project hiccups due to predictable human misunderstandings. In the end, as a client, we are happy, thanks to their efficiency in delivering the promised services!”

  • Grama vidial


    “Paripoorna Software has been an integral part of the growth of GV in supporting with the automation of key business process from very early stages and scaling up as the company grew. The flexibility offered with professional delivery methodologies enabled the operations to be nimble and robust. The evolution of Paripoorna has been spectacular in growing from a single product company to offering diverse products to a range of customers. I am confident seeing the performance that Paripoorna Software will continue to grow and create a positive impact in all the areas it operates in”

  • Mpower Micro Finance


    “I met Sriman at Delhi in a Microfinance conference with my partner Balaji and the very instant took a liking for the energy and enthusiasm exhibited. Paripoorna came up with an innovative pricing model and that helped us adopt Beacon. They have stood with us for six years and the latest Mobile platform for customer acquisition and field management is truly cutting edge. The thing with Paripoorna has been that the staff are flexible, friendly at the same time professional and committed. Technically supported by Sathish, there is an answer for every facet of the problem and a willingness to solve problems systematically. Paripoorna has stayed committed to Microfinance and has been with us through good and tough times. They have earned our trust through these years and have been our partner of choice and we wish and pray all success in all their future endeavors.”

  • artha


    “I remember Sriman coming to meet me in 2008 for business opportunities and we started off with a website for Artha. Paripoorna earned my trust and patronage over the years and has remained as my Technology Partner of choice. Through all these years their attitude and enthusiasm has always evoked a well earned appreciation from me. Sathish a meticulous delivery head and a feather in the cap of Paripoorna ensures timely delivery at all times. The team at Paripoorna looks up to me as their mentor, well wisher and I happily do help them with my two cents worth whenever asked. They could soar beyond boundaries if only they are a bit more ambitious and I wish them all the very best in their endeavours.”


Its undeniable truth that we have a unbalanced society where people still starve, no access to proper medicines, no shelter and clothes to cover.

We at Paripoorna have taken humble efforts to identify and help needy on a day to day basis and by 10 years of practise it has become part of our DNA.

Anna Dhanam

We have taken utmost care in ensuring that on a daily basis to deliver the procured food to needy people on streets, today we have opportunity to serve about 20 people every day.

Health Help

In todays scenario evolution of diseases is more rapid than most other aspects and for those on streets left with no access to proper treatment and medicines. We help identify people with no access to such basic health facility and provide assistance in our own humble ways.

Jothi Scholarship

While we help people get their daily meals, we also believe in helping the able and deserving younger generation to avail greater benefits through our Jothi Scholarship program right from education to job opportunities.