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BOT for mood based food ordering

Paripoorna’s chatbot enables mood-based ordering for a major online food delivery app

Our moods dictate what we eat. By recognizing the relationship between the foods we eat and our moods we can ensure that we’re looking after not only our physical, but also our emotional wellbeing. Paipoorna’s ‘food buddy’ will change the way we order food online by offering a fully personalized food assistant that can read feed your mood. ‘food buddy’ intuitively gives you various options by reading your mood with the help of intelligent questioning.

Our solution

BOTs are as vital a way for users to interact with a service or application as is a web site or a mobile experience. The BOT Framework is a platform for building, connecting, testing, and deploying powerful and intelligent BOTs.

BOT Framework architecture has been used to implement this Chatbot. LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) is used for extracting intent and entities from user input. Azure search is used for fetching information about the various choices of food available for ordering. Users can also search with photos. Image recognition is done using Bing Images Search APIs and Custom Vision API. Continuous improvements are very important in developing bots. Bot versions are managed using Azure’s API Management. User’s input log is stored using Azure Functions and in Azure’s COSMOS DB.

User experience

  • When the user logs in for the first time, ‘food buddy’ greets him with a welcome message.
  • User is prompted to type how he is feeling (like ‘I am feeling Happy’, ‘Bad Appraisal’, ‘It’s raining’, ‘feeling loved’ etc.).
  • After this, most part of the conversation will be only selection of choices presented to the user. The ‘thinking’ will be done by the bot.
  • Based on his mood and various food habits and preferences, the bot presents him with the choice of food most suited for him.
  • If the bot detects that the user is not able to make up his mind, it will ask him a series of intelligent questions to narrow down the options for him.
  • Based on the selected food and user’s current location, the choice of restaurants, eateries, bakeries etc are suggested.
  • Once the selection is done, any side orders, beverages, desserts, offers etc are made available to him.
  • Finally he is led to the address and payment gateway to complete the ordering
chat chat

Business Benefits

Chatbots in general provide better interaction with users. Chatbots solve the asymmetry of information flow. A traditional user interface provides more information than it gets from the users. With Chatbots, the intelligence flows from the user to the Chatbot making it more intelligent over every interaction. Chatbots are so far the best tool for keeping users on a certain platform longer and keeping the content flowing by starting and maintaining the conversation.

  • food buddy’s simple text driven interface, with images and widgets, makes it easy for the user to start interacting with it.
  • food buddy’s intelligence on user behavior increases with every user interaction and thus engages the user till the order is made to his satisfaction.
  • Payment integration to third parties via APIs brings user engagement level to a new high
  • Apart from mood based suggestions, the suggestions based on user’s previous order, location, weather conditions, special days of registered users etc.. are made possible. This gives every user a personalized service and hence assured loyalty

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