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BOT for Short Stay Providers

A Chatbot to assist users in booking accommodation for a popular short stay provider helps them improve the user experience and thereby make more bookings

Customer Challenges

A popular short stay provider was looking for a ways to engage its users better and increase room bookings. Although its website bookings were doing well compared to wider industry benchmarks, they felt they could do better by adapting to state-of-the-art technologies.

  • The user needed to navigate to different screen to select the best suited accommodation sometimes resulting in user dropping out mid-way.
  • The current user preference of personalized attention over traditional methods needed to be addressed in order to increase the user inflow.

Our solution

The key to improving business and customer loyalty is by improving the customer’s experience. At a very basic level, Chat bots can offer a very important function to a rental and real estate business. A chatbot capable of answering common questions via a website chat portal is a welcome functionality for users. Offering a reliable, 24/7 service that is both mobile responsive and completely pressure-neutral, Chat bots have the potential for major improvements in this aspect of rental and real estate marketing.

Paripoorna’s Real-Pal is an AI powered chatbot for the customer to touch his users with the personalized assistance to guide them to find their ideal accommodation.

  • Microsoft Bot Framework was used to create this bot. To chat with the users, the Microsoft Cognitive Services Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) was used to extract their intents and variables.
  • The chat bot accesses the easy-to-manage Azure SQL Database to retrieve the necessary data.
  • Media attachments like image, maps etc can be attached to the messages. If an attachment is an image, audio, or video, it will be rendered within the message and if it a file or a URL, it will be rendered as a hyperlink within the conversation.
  • A message exchange between user and bot can contain one or more rich cards rendered as a list or carousel. Rich card attachments were used for this.
  • If the user would like to change the variables (for example, an address may have been interpreted in a different way), the option to quickly confirm or change the stored parameter to send to the CLV API was provided.
  • Using Natural Language processing, the bot will be able to identify the entities and process the user input.
  • Using Bing spell check, the spelling will be auto-corrected and appropriate response will be displayed to the user.
  • An integration of the lead management system enables the new user’s information to be sent directly for lead generation and processing.

Lead Generation

  • For a new user, Real-Pal greets the user with a welcome message on his first log in.
  • The user is prompted to enter their name, phone number and email address.
  • This information is captured and sent for lead processing


  • User is prompted select a service option, such as ‘Show me all’, ‘Call me back’, ‘Refer a friend’, ‘Others’
  • The user select ‘Show me all’; user is presented with the various locations.
  • Once the location is selected, the properties are listed and the user can select a particular property
  • An appointment is booked at a preferred data and time and a notification is sent to the mobile number and email id.
  • The user selects ‘Call me back’; user is requested for more details.
  • These details about the customer is captured as a part of lead generation
  • The user is presented with the various room sharing options like
  • Single
  • Double Sharing
  • Triple Sharing
  • The user is prompted to select the room type other preferences
  • Based on user’s selection, and various other life style preference questions, and preferred locations are captured and an appointment for call back is fixed.

Thus, without having to navigate to multiple screens, read the descriptions, amenities details, etc, the user is able to find the ideal accommodation.

Customer Engagement

For a registered user or a returning user, the Real-Pal, remembers his previous selections, choices and queries and is able to guide him without having to enter the same details all over again.

If a registered user opens the Real-Pal

  • The bot directly presents the user with the choices for their selection without prompting to enter the name, email id, phone number etc.
  • On selecting, say, ‘Pay my Rent’, the user is shown the exact amount due along with the previous amount paid.
  • Then the user is guided to the payment gateway for secured payment
  • Using Natural Language processing, the bot will be able to identify the entities and process the user input.
  • Here ‘2BHK’ and ‘IndraNagar’ are considered as the entity for processing
  • Using Bing spell check, the spelling is auto-corrected and appropriate response is displayed to the user.

Business Impact

The key to increase sales and customer loyalty is by improving your customer’s experience. The users can interact with the bot so that they don’t have to navigate through the website and can get the results much more quickly. Chat bots are self-help tools for improving communications therefore with the help of a chatbot the customer was able to increase and improve the communication with users and user engagement before, during and after their stay.

  • This technology enabled the client to build a proper and accurate user profiling, allowing them to provide personalized offers to their user, which eventually increases user loyalty.
  • With the help of Chat bots, the customer’s website traffic continued to show growth, this time coupled with a rise in room bookings.

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