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Paper based RFQ is now a thing of past

See how Paripoorna automated the RFQ process of a leading auto component manufacturing and distribution group

Customer Challenges

At the onset, the customer was managing its Request for Quotation (RFQ) processes manually using traditional methods. This entailed high time and cost associated with assembling requests for quotes, printing the requests on paper before actually processing the request.

Being one of the largest in business and having a pan-India presence, an RFQ process involved multiple departments spread across various geographies. In such a scenario, it is inevitable to encounter the following challenges

  • Significant opportunities for human error
  • Incredibly time consuming
  • Limitations in terms of tracking capabilities
  • Difficult to handling partial/split awards

The customer sought a solution that would automate this process, eliminate human error and reduce time.

Our solution

Paripoorna’s approach evaluates the core needs of a market and its consumers and thus provides them with state of the art robust solutions.

We delivered a global on-demand, easy-to-use solution for suppliers to retrieve RFQs, manage large files securely and upload quotes efficiently. Having the entire procurement process centralized and automated has also helped the company to comply with internal audit requirements.

Paripoorna’s solution was a potent and fully automated RFQ process that unravels the challenges faced by the client. When used consistently, it can deliver significant bottom line profits to an organization.


With a deep business knowledge and technical expertise, Paripoorna’s solution highlighted the following

  • Consolidating large design files and engineering data in a secure, automated, and efficient way.
  • Web based paper-less process
  • Minimum human interaction with the ability to handle partial quotes
  • Fast implementation and global accessibility for all RFQ participants without special hardware or software requirements, all at a low total cost of ownership.
  • Greater time and cost savings for handling RFQs

Business Impact

Paripoorna’s solution has helped the company save time due to RFQs being distributed electronically as well as helping them reduce their costs and eliminate the potential for lost documentation or data entry errors through automation rules and the elimination of manual processes.

We are fully convinced that the challenges faced by the automotive industry can be turned into opportunities for increased innovation, clean technologies, better consumer services, and more savings. Paripoorna’s distinct innovation in terms of the RFQ process makes the solicitation more efficient because fewer responses are provided and the responses are qualified.

  • The process that took months and weeks to complete is reduced to days and hours
  • Large engineering files can now also accompany the RFQ information.
  • The customer now enjoys a deeper level of traceability and visibility
  • Management of the RFQ response process was streamlined
  • All the RFQ related details are in one centralized location

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