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Compatibility Tool For Short Stay Boarders

See how Paripoorna’s dynamic match making algorithm helped provide compatible roommates for a leading short stay provider’s prospective boarders

Customer Challenges

The customer’s business required servicing of a large group of boarders for their short stay requirement. The most important challenge faced by the customer was non-compatibility among the room mates.
This resulted in

  • Unexplained high exit rate among the existing boarders
  • Increase in complaints from the boarders
  • Non unity among room mates
  • Shrink in occupancy rate leading to drop in income

Paripoorna’s solution

What makes Paripoorna distinctive is our propensity to help customers solve big challenges in an efficient way as we know the persona of both the customer and his business. Some people have the knack for sharing living quarters while others are, well, better off living alone. That’s exactly why we developed a roommate compatibility finder which can help the prospective boarder find a roommate from their favorite Living and Learning Communities.

The complex roommate compatibility finder algorithm is formulated by combining the results of the lifestyle, behavioral and psychometric preferences like hobbies, likes and dislikes, language barriers, choice of sports etc. of the prospective boarder where in his/her responses are quantified and mapped to an evaluation methodology. Based on this, the appropriate room mates are suggested. Subsequently helping the room seeker to accommodate at the budget that matches his expectation while also is able to spend time with like-minded peers.

This compatibility finder algorithm is integrated in to Paripoorna’s in-house app, Bonacura, which is a one stop solution for short stay providers.


Business Impact

The compatibility finder algorithm is very personal and intentional. Many prospective boarders request roommates using the roommate search functionality. For people who do not select their own roommate, our compatibility finder program uses the responses from the lifestyle questions in the app to provide him with suggestions best suited for him. Our goal is to maximize the potential for successful roommate relationships.

Roommate compatibility finder ensured

  • Tremendous decrease in unexplained exits of the boarders
  • Brought down the number of complaints
  • Ensured a pleasant stay for the boarders
  • Enriched harmony among room mates
  • Increased occupational efficiency by establishing the compatibility among the room mates.

All of the above translated into better business for the customer.

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