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Integration of a cross platform money manager

Get to know how Paripoorna pioneered a highly secured and quick integration of the best money manager to a financial super market giant

Customer Challenges

The customer, a financial super market, wanted to integrate an online money manager into their website which can enable its users to manage their spending and budgeting of personal finances by getting a single view of all their accounts, categorise their expenses and track them over time and set budget.

But their business demanded this complex integration to be done at a very short time with high level of security

This integration should also ensure that the users should not have to log in and out of the site to use the money manager

Our Solution

Paripoorna pioneered and successfully implemented this integration in the year 2009 when most of the financial supermarkets were only just considering the pros and cons of such integration to their site.

  • The seamless integration was brought about by single sign on for the users, so that the same credentials could be used for the money manager as well.
  • To ensure security of the users login credentials that were being passed to the money manager, two layers of security was implemented. One at the customer’s site and the next level at the money manager.
  • SAML certificate was used for securely exchanging authentication and authorization data between the customer’s site and the money manager
  • Multi platform Integration between different platforms was done
  • All the links of the customer’s site were made available in the money manger as well in order for the users to move back and forth the site without having to navigate to the previous page.
  • Integrated payment gateway enabled users to make online purchases of loan, insurance and other services

Business Impact

For the customer, this money manager integration brought about

  • Not only boost in the number of hits to their website but also had more users signing up for the varied services being offered
  • Client acquisition increased
  • Enabled the users to buy insurance and loans online since the credibility and the valuation of the site increased manifold owing to the secured payment gateway

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