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Custom dashboards are our forte

How Paripoorna helped one of India’s largest auto components manufacturing and distribution group with building a dashboard that could be layered on top of SAP ECC (formerly known as SAP R/3), an enterprise resource planning software

Customer Challenges

Customer was using SAP ECC to co-ordinate their resource, information, and activities needed to complete their business processes. But, in order to generate the traditional reporting that the customer required, it needed elaborate implementation that was not cost effective for the customer. Hence, the customer evaluated all the top BI tools available in market for a reporting solution and finally decided to use a custom tool which could

  • Present them the data in a traditional format with combination charts with a drill down option to slice and dice data to the tiniest entity level.
  • The data needed to be unified from multiple departments like purchase, sales, quality, finance, compliance etc and channelized into a single repository.

Our Solution

Paripoorna, with a deep understanding of the client’s business requirement and challenge, built a custom dashboard tool that could be layered on top of SAP ECC. The customer’s challenges were addressed by

  • Building an open source driven tool to give maximum portability without compromising on the existing functionality.
  • By using cloud based Azure, this tool unified all the real time data from multiple sources distributed org-wide at a pre-agreed frequency into Azure Data Lake to eliminate the upfront costs of data ingestion, especially transformation.
  • This raw data was analysed using Azure Data Lake Analytics which is an on-demand analytics job service to simplify big data analytics by dynamically provisioning resources
  • Centralized role based authorization was done with Azure active directory.
  • This tool was built using open source driven Canvas JS and D3 JS for data visualization to transform data that can be positioned onto the canvas
  • This tool created an interactive dashboard and reports for rich analysis and helped to visualize the data in the form of interactive reports
  • The results were shown in the form of combination of Bar and Line charts, Pareto charts, Parallel co-ordinates (Kindred metrics), Coffee wheel etc. that were completely configurable with minimal input from the user and the backend. Each of the data could be drilled down to the last entity level for detailed analysis.
  • With the export feature, the report could be exported to any of the desired format to be used according to the requirement
  • dashboard
  • dashboard
  • dashboard
  • dashboard

Business Impact

  • This custom tool from Paripoorna’s warehouse was effectively layered on top of SAP ECC
  • Traditional reporting on cloud platform was achieved at minimal integration cost without compromising on any of the SAP ECC functionalities
  • Data from varied channels from different units across the country was unified into a single real time dynamic dashboard
  • The data in the reports in the form of combination of charts and matrices could be drilled down to individual entity for in-detail analysis.

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