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Multi platforms, varied technologies, one dashboard

How USA’s performance based outsourcing firm used Paripoorna’s solution to develop a complex application

Customer Challenges

The client wanted a complex application with varied features and functions like Content Management, Voice calls, Video calls, Chat Application, Dual tone usage in the same dashboard requiring integration with various platforms. This was to be achieved in a cost effective way.

Our Solution

The major objective of this application is to bring major complex services into one Dashboard / application..

Application is developed with a host of Open Source technologies like JSSIP, JOSSO, JSXC, Open fire, Angular 1.x, Swagger API, PHP & MySql and the challenging integration of all these technologies was done seamlessly by Paripoorna’s technical team’s expertise.

  • Simultaneous chat and call feature was implemented using JSXC along with instant messaging, encrypted chats for added security, chat rooms and encrypted file transfers directly between the browsers were also implanted.
  • We have integrated the WEB RTC Technology, which is a new innovative, real time communication option that is both easy and cheap to implement with SIP protocols to the application as you can make voice and Video calls via this application
  • DTMF is used to send dual tones. DTMF tone frequencies are advantageous because they allow telephones to indicate which number is being pressed by its operator. DTMF frequencies are more practical and less expensive to implement than the previous signalling method
  • By using Swagger API we were able to integrate with other platforms. The Swagger UI framework allows both implementers and users to interact with the API. It gives clear insight into how the API responds to parameters and options
  • Hierarchical cascading of messages from executive to managers.
  • The application tracks the employee's day to day activities and their targets.
  • The application leverages the access from anywhere to monitor / view the employee activity.

Business Impact

  • With up to 93% of communication being non-verbal, it’s essential that you have a video solution which enables employees and customers to interact in a visual way and meet face to face. For remote teams, this helps to connect offices and foster cross-office employee integration. For customers it helps to put a face to your business and it improves both the sales and support process immensely.
  • As Swagger is a language-agnostic specification, with its declarative resource specification, clients can easily understand and consume services without any prior knowledge of server implementation or access to the server code.

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