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Automation of Field Staff Management

Paripoorna helped a leading chemical & polymer products company in India to automate their field staff tracking and manage their leads effectively.

Customer Challenges

  • Lack of visibility of the field staff’s daily tasks accomplishments who were always on the move
  • Tracking of leads and successful closure was a challenge as information was spread across various mediums.
  • Field staff’s tracking was not effective since there was no provision to monitor their movement.
  • Field staff couldn’t effectively take orders and communicate the same seamlessly to the servicing team for processing orders
  • There was no single view to sales managers and management team to review performance of the sales force

Our Solution

Paripoorna addressed the customer’s challenges by providing them the state of art solution, coupled with a cutting edge technology and robust mobile app which was equipped with a complete lead management solution with task management on a daily basis including dashboard reminders, task queues taking appointments even during ad-hoc visits.

Our solution had the following features which helped our customer not only to address the challenge but also improve the conversion by about 30% through rigorous follow-ups

  • Automated daily status report which does not require the user to key in any details.
  • Real time Geo-Tagging of the field staff’s location with an option to send photos
  • On-the- fly quick quotation processing
  • Unique dashboard feature to view the sales details, handle task allocations and set reminders
  • Lead management module to help maintaining the prospective lead details which enabled in improved lead engagement

Business Impact

By bringing deep business understanding and technical expertise, Paripoorna’s promise for business improvement was showcased in the solution provided in the form of the following

  • Automated status reporting, location tracking and task allocations helped in ease of management of the field staffs
  • Effective lead engagement as a result of availability of unified location for all lead related details
  • Improved visibility of the daily sales activities of the field staff
  • Quick turnaround time ensured the leads are serviced promptly which in turn helped the business grow manifold
  • Seamless communication flow between the team ensured quick order processing and service
  • Greater employee reliability leading to loyalty and employee satisfaction
  • Cost saving as a result of a quantifiable increase in the field staff’s on location productivity

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