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Go Paperless With Paripoorna

Do You Know How Paripoorna Is Making A Difference In Saving These Trees In Our Own Small Way? Read On To Know More

Did you know?

Nearly 4 billion trees or 35 percent of the total trees cut around the world are used in paper industries on every continent (Source: And, do you know how Paripoorna is making a difference in saving these trees in our own small way? Read on to know more!


Go paperless with Paripoorna’s UIPaas

In a micro-finance industry, documentation plays an important role. There are various documents and multiple copies of each need to be maintained. With the implementation of eKYC, eSign linked with Adhaar all these documentations are now digitized.

Paripoorna’s UIPaas (Unified Integrated Platform as a Service) gives à la carte services to micro-finances like The integration of Aadhaar card and biometric driven eKYC for custom verification & management of the KYC documents for a loan seeker eSign Electronic Signature, is a new and innovative way to sign any document. This service allows any Aadhaar holder to digitally sign any document without having to obtain physical digital signature Integration of document with Aadhaar Enabled biometric driven eSign in vernacular language of choice using custom templates for Loan Application & Demand Promissory Note is done

The key features of UIPaas are

  • Rapid Omni channel integrations done seamlessly
  • It is compliance and audit ready
  • Data privacy is maintained making it highly secure
  • OTP and Finger print enabled to prevent fraud
  • Can be scaled according to the growth of the MFI





In addition to eKYC & eSign, Bank Integration, Credit Bureau, Insurance Integration services etc. are also available in UIPaas. To more know about UIPaas, please visit

This way, in an industry that was highly dependent on papers right from, KYC forms, loan application forms, etc., Paripoorna has taken a huge leap to save trees with its futuristic app that can be customised according to the customers’ requirement and burgeoning needs of the ever growing industry.

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