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Surveying needs paper. Or does it?

See how Paripoorna helped one of the colossal research firms in India by replacing their traditional survey method to a digital data collection powered by a tab based survey tool

Customer Challenges

The Customer was facing a lot of challenges with the age old paper based survey methods. A paper-based survey has many cons like lack of real-time analytics, absence of efficiency, manipulation of feedback etc. The manually collected data had to be then uploaded to CS-PRO, which was time consuming. Paper based surveys may take weeks or even months to distribute, collect, and prepare for results and whose work-flow required a lot of manpower.

  • The process of administering paper-based surveys is a lengthy one
  • Using a paper-based process doesn’t afford much flexibility in terms of the reports that can be generated
  • Unsecured
  • Prone to duplication
  • Limited storage

Our solution

To support the creation of the new digital platform, Paripoorna developed an easy to use, scalable and comprehensive platform that easily conducts multi-channel surveys including strong business competencies. This helped the customer identify the most innovative digital ideas, and an agile development approach with strong collaboration between business and technology. The team maintained a prototyping design approach, working quickly to iterate design concepts with sketches and prototypes before translating the desired features into target architecture and providing a delivery roadmap. The time span needed to complete an online survey project is on average two-thirds shorter than that of traditional research methods. Since the information is being gathered automatically, the response time is almost instant.

  • A rich feature set that is easy to use
  • Real-Time Analytics and In-depth reporting
  • Convenient and hassle free
  • Flexibility to customize the surveys as required
  • No manipulation of the collected data
  • No hassle of manual data entry or interpreting different hand writings

Business Impact

At Paripoorna, we take a distinctive approach to each project we handle. Hence, we developed a robust, powerful and flexible tab based application that aids in providing real-time information and analysis. Paripoorna’s survey analysis tool meets client needs in the following ways.

  • Centralized synchronization made quickly, and within a secure, web-based environment
  • Limited setup time
  • Advanced and easily customizable
  • Informed decision making basis responses
  • Larger respondent access with multi-lingual, multi-modal surveys

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