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Workflow Automation for a Manufacturing Giant

Paripoorna's Automation Engine Sets a New Standard For Workflow Automation.

Customer Challenges

The customer, a leading auto parts manufacturing and distribution company, required their workflow to be automated. They were using paper-based processes often comprised of unstructured tasks involving people, processes, and content thereby making it strenuous to revamp. Phone calls and emails were made and once the feedback was received, the status had to be routed to the right recipients via email or over a call to the querying party. All workflow processes were done manually involving mundane processes, taking up to 7 days to put together an agenda, with no audit trail for an item in the approval process. As directives move through a traditional hierarchy, the message can get distorted.

It was also noted that the entry of even a single response took significant time, often delaying the issuance of the process by weeks or even months. Coordinating the input of multiple managers can require a level of compromise that waters down the decision-making process.

  • Lack of individual authority
  • Message distortion
  • High probability of human error
  • Delay in completion
  • Lack of accuracy

Our solution

In order to stay competitive and grow, a business must optimize its processes to minimize inefficiencies, preserve resources and ultimately increase revenue. Work flow automation is a concept that transforms existing business activities, roles and tasks from legacy and manual systems into a centralized, automated structure. Actions, such as approvals, requests, assignments and claims, once handled manually and on paper, can now be executed digitally and through an organized workflow.

Paripoorna designed a web based fully automated workflow solution that is simple, flexible and adaptable with a user-friendly interface which also lets you quickly create workflows, checklists and standard operating procedures, track workflows and processes, collaborate with your team control permissions ,digital signatures and instant approvals etc.


It gives the power to easily and accurately plan workflow, track the progress and to evaluate its effectiveness. By managing all types of process across all channels in a centralized system, the business process automation system optimizes and streamlines the whole operation of product promotion; it can plan, track and approve projects at a glance, annotate work, identify blockages and get projects delivered on time. Custom email alerts are sent to selected users or groups to inform them of the actions required or the status of project, which significantly reduced the time and resources, involved.

Business Impact

To use digitalization to its full potential it takes a holistic approach that looks at every aspect along the entire value chain. Setting up one or more workflows gave the users an easy access to the progress of individual or all workflows. Automation has completely transformed the average organization's strategies, policies, processes and operations in the past several decades, with software playing a more central role in performance than ever before.

Workflow automation can have a profoundly positive impact on both the general performances of internal departments and strategies and the experiences of customers from an external perspective. Since consumers are increasingly demanding that businesses offer seamless experiences, quick responses to qualms and a frictionless process of getting the information they need, companies cannot afford to balk at the technologies that drive these characteristics.

Actual impact of workflow automation

  • Streamline and speed up internal processes by reducing manual entry and request handling.
  • Reduce errors and re-work.
  • Reduce risk of improperly approved requests.
  • Improve compliance with audit trails.
  • Increase output and increase productivity
  • A unified, personalized request experience for employees.
  • Track request in real time
  • Identify performance trends (group and individual) over time.
  • Monitor team progress
  • Identify and remove process barriers or bottlenecks.
  • Better align tasks with the appropriate skill sets.
  • Drastically reduce paperwork and associated costs and waste.
  • Reduce need for manual decision making and handling with business rules.

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