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blockquote To Provide a complete solution that enable business to become virtual enterprises through pristine service and self-contained software delivered by a motivated workforce driven by passion.

01 2005 - 2008


Incorporated in 2005, Paripoorna initiated its maiden product, an enterprise offering that aims to meet the everyday needs of a Microfinance / Microcredit enterprise. In 2006 the beta was released to 20 branches and iteratively evolved with real time scenarios on the ground for the next two years to become a robust product offering, which was named Beacon.

Grama Vidiyal became GVMFL in 2008 and Beacon was adopted as the enterprise wide software aiding the transformation. In 2008, Sriman became the CEO and diversified the portfolio into Services. We won our first Service contract from Artha Money, India's leading financial supermarket and launched India's first online “Personal Money Manager”.

02 2009 - 2012


Sathish joined Paripoorna in 2009 and we won international service contracts from UK, USA, UAE, Qatar and African countries. While in the domestic front we successfully delivered a wide array of services to prestigious brands in India like iGATE, IFMR, Reliance, Novatium to name a few. Artha’s continued patronage was demonstrated by their kind gesture in releasing an advertisement in newspapers appreciating our contribution in the technology front in enabling Artha’s digital roadmap.

On the products front Beacon was rolled out to half a dozen NBFCs in India taking various avatars of the loan management software implementing it for Gold Loans to Vehicle loans to Personal loans apart from MFIs.MPower Microfinance signed up with Paripoorna in 2010 to become their strategic technology partner. GVMFL crosses 300+ branches by 2012.

03 2013 - 2017


Paripoorna 3.0 is characterized by the strategic direction in its Product offerings and Mobile App development. SMCNex, AppyDa and AppyMo evolved as products based on our experience in delivering similar solution for enterprise customers over the years.

The diversified nature of our customer engagement models over the years in the domestic and international markets drove us to adopt Agile Practices.

04 2017 - 2018

Mobile&Cloud Computing| Microservices | Devops

Paripoorna is now spreading its reach into cloud services with a niche for moving Mission critical work loads to cloud, Automation and Devops services with our engagement model being, Discover, Prove it, Transformation and Run for me.