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Our Center or Excellence for Microservices takes great care in delivering Microservices applications driven by robust APIs and self contained framework enabling completely de-coupled IT landscape

blockquote Re-architect and re-build complex monolith application to highly manageable blocks with micro services architecture

Architecture Blueprint

Understand business imperatives and prescribe an evolutionary architecture design based on the prevailing business and technology ecosystems. We cater to both Green (new, / Brown (legacy, field scenarios depending on the age and maturity of the business and its systems.

Application Development

Roll out the blue print into smaller, loosely coupled, decentralized modules that can communicate through universally accepted APIs which can be deployed, rebuilt, redeployed and managed independently using DevOps.

Continuous Steering

Continuous steering helps to plan, measure, and bring business strategy and customer feedback into the development lifecycle and see where their resources are allocated, and to move them from low impact business areas to new or higher impact business areas.

Microservice Architecture

Case Studies

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