Shri K.R Ganesh


In the times of mushrooming IT companies, Paripoorna is meant to grow to be a gigantic tree not competing for mere space or water, but to transcend the natural barriers and stand tall as a towering symbol of grandeur and elegance. It should create and sustain an ecosystem of integrity and trust, the impact of which can be felt by its employees and customers alike. The positive synergy that will hold the elements of the company together at various levels is sure to reflect in the quality of the services and offerings.


Paripoorna is committed to the creation of a powerful global brand characterized by integrity with focus on the Rural and Bottom of Pyramid sectors.


To provide a complete solution that enables businesses to become virtual enterprises through pristine service and self-contained software delivered by a motivated workforce driven by passion.


Create a revolution and then revenue
Integrity is the key
Keep it simple and straight
Walk the line – honor the commitment
Invest in people, process, and products